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Meet the Team

Children’s Ministry Team Model

Get to know the individuals who are serving as team leads, so that together, MI Conference Children’s Ministry resourcing and networking can thrive.

Kids Min Zoom Lead

C. Susan Adam-Rita

Chelsea First UMC


(734) 475-8119

About myself:  I grew up in a small city in Southern Brazil and have lived in Chelsea, MI, for the past 11 years, with my husband and triplet teenage boys that certainly keep me on my toes! I love to read, walks in nature, gardening, spending time with my family and the diversity of sports and activities they are involved in. I also love to study human behavior and emotions and how we shape our spirituality.

Why I am excited about the sustainable kids ministry work: I am very excited about the opportunity to help and serve as the Kids Ministry Zoom Team leader. Fostering a sense of community and belonging within our children’s Ministry leaders can provide us with the supportive network of peers to guide us on our spiritual journey of faith and consequently incorporate our passions into our work with children.

Favorite children’s book: I have a gazillion favorite children’s books, but if I had to pick one, I would say that it is: Thank you, Mr. Falker from Patricia Polacco, an author I much admire and a Michigan resident!

Favorite Dessert: a Brazilian chocolate dessert called Brigadeiro! It is delicious!!!

Curation/Resourcing Lead

Deaconess Anne Hillman, Ph.D. (she/her)

Central UMC, Detroit


 (313) 964-5422, ext. 134

About myself: I have been involved in children and youth ministry for about 10 years, working at a church outside Boston while getting my doctorate in theology and here in Detroit. I love the holy chaos that is integral to children’s ministry and the fabulous questions kids ask about faith and religion.

Why I am excited about the sustainable kids ministry work: I’m so glad we are working toward a sustainable model for kids ministry in the Michigan Annual Conference.  Kathy has created an excellent foundation of resources and networking that I’ve found to be a great support in my ministry, and I believe this new model will help so many other children’s ministry professionals and volunteers to be successful in their ministries.

Favorite Children’s Book: The Monster at the End of This Book

Do I include glitter in kids min crafts? Yes! Mess is inevitable, might as well make a beautiful mess (but I do limit the locations we use it in so it hopefully doesn’t travel all over the church).

Regional Networking Lead

Rachel McCollum

First United Methodist Church, Ann Arbor


(734) 662-4536

About Myself: I’m an Ohio native turned Michigander with a passion for Jesus, making art, traveling, cats, reading books, delicious food, serendipitous experiences, and spreading joy everywhere I go. I have a Master’s in Children’s Literature and love hot tea, popcorn, and good conversation. 

Why I am excited about the sustainable kids ministry work: This ministry professionals group has been such an asset to me and my work and I’m incredibly grateful for the community we have. I think it’s so important to continue to support one another in this meaningful work and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

Favorite Children’s Book: Too many to list them all… if I have to choose, The Jolly Postman & Other People’s Letters.

Favorite Color: Hot Pink

Do I include glitter in kids min crafts? YES! ALL THE GLITTER!

Communications Lead

Maddy Martinson (she/her)

Marshall UMC


(269) 781-5107

About Myself: I serve as the Discipleship Director at Marshall UMC by day, and as the Communications Lead by night! Just kidding, I promise I keep normal(ish) hours. I am passionate about music, deep human connection, and learning about everything that I can. I enjoy video games, making music, reading, and spending time outdoors in my free time.

Why I am excited about the sustainable kids ministry work: I’m excited about this sustainable model for Children’s Ministry because I know how helpful it was for me when I was first starting. No matter what stage of life you’re in, this network is a great resource for new and experienced leaders alike. I’m glad to serve by communicating all the happenings with you all!

Favorite Color: Forest Green (literally all of my technology accessories are this color).

Fun Fact: I am a ringer in MUMC’s handbell choir, and have playing since I was 11 years old!

Advisory Team

Rev. Kathy Pittenger, Deaconess Anne Hillman, Laura Johns, Erica Kozlowski, Rachel Lunning, Maddy Martinson, Rachel McCollum, Deacon Christy Miller-White