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Bonfire Spiritual Practices

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Spiritual Practices

The ideas and resources below are curated for when you have 30 or more minutes to devote to time with God. This is not an exhaustive list and there are many, many, many ways to connect with God. You can also use the ideas on the Spark or Campfire pages and spend more time with them.



Devotion/Scripture Reading

  • Read the Bible in a Year
  • When you read the Bible, try using an inductive approach as you read asking the following questions: “What does this passage say?” ” What does this passage mean?” “What does this passage mean to my life?”
  • Use Bible Study tools like a commentary, Bible dictionary, or other resources for deeper understanding.

Acts of Compassion

  • Spend one hour a week visiting/calling/checking-in on someone who may be lonely
  • Spend at least one house volunteering in your community
  • Get to know a person or family of a difference economic or ethnic background than you

Acts of Justice

  • Actively support movements for justice, equality, and/or peace (here’s an article with ideas about getting started)
  • Become an advocate for a cause you stand for
  • Take action to improve the natural environment (either local or global)

Additional Ideas

For more ideas for Acts of Compassion and Acts of Justice refer to Disciples Making Disciples by Steven W. Manskar