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Big Emotions: Disappointment Playlist

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Feelings Wheel

This wheel shows a lot of feelings, starting with the basic ones in the center and getting more complex as you move out to the edges. You can use this wheel with older children who want to go deeper and learn more specific words for complex emotions.


Exploring Emotions with Young Children

If you have preschoolers or younger children, you may want to use the Bible Story and then explore the Exploring Emotions topic from Sesame Street. Including this great Feeling Faces printable.


Part of what makes disappointment so hard is that it’s often preceded by excitement. Going from the high of excitement and anticipation of something to the low of disappointment when what we were excited about doesn’t turn out the way we wanted, is really hard. The Israelites were probably so excited to be freed from slavery in Egypt and so excited to go to the Promised Land that they were told would be so wonderful! But they didn’t get to the Promised Land right away, and life in the desert is rough. They got hungry and thirsty and complained to Moses because they were disappointed – life outside of Egypt was not what they had expected or wanted. God heard their complaints, provided for their basic needs, and eventually they did get to the Promised Land.

two pictures of children with disappointed faces

Bible Story

  • Read the story about the Israelites in the Wilderness
  • Wonder about the story together:
    • I wonder where you saw disappointment in this story.
    • I wonder what the Israelites thought life out of slavery would be life.
    • I wonder how long the Israelites thought the journey to the Promised Land would take.
    • I wonder what manna tasted like.
    • I wonder if Jesus was ever disappointed.
    • I wonder when you’ve been disappointed.
    • I wonder what you did when you were disappointed.


Dear God, sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to, or the way we expect them to, and we feel disappointed. When we’re disappointed, help us to find something positive in the situation and let go of what we wanted to happen. Amen.


 1. Make up a Story – Take turns making up a story or put on a puppet show about something disappointing and how they would handle it.

2. When Life Gives You Lemons – Make Lemonade! – Use this recipe to make lemonade. As you enjoy the refreshing drink you just made out of something sour, talk about what the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” means. What are some examples of “lemons” life has give you? How did you make lemonade out of it?

3. Find the Silver Lining – One way to deal with disappointment is to try to find a silver lining. Talk about what the saying, “every cloud has a silver lining” means.  Use this cloud worksheet to reflect on a recent disappointment or, for a small fee, purchase these Find the Silver Lining Growth Mindset Task Cards with scenarios that your family can talk about.


Sarah Michelle Gellar is Disappointed

YouTube video


YouTube video

When I’m Feeling Disappointed by Trace Maroney


The Disappointment Dragon by Kay Al-Ghani – you can order it on-line or borrow it from your local library