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Big Emotions: Fear Playlist

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Feelings Wheel

This wheel shows a lot of feelings, starting with the basic ones in the center and getting more complex as you move out to the edges. You can use this wheel with older children who want to go deeper and learn more specific words for complex emotions.


Exploring Emotions with Young Children

If you have preschoolers or younger children, you may want to use the Bible Story and then explore the Exploring Emotions topic from Sesame Street. Including this great Feeling Faces printable.

Additional Resources for Parents/Caregivers


7 Ways to Help a Child With Fear

Anxiety in Children

If you are concerned your child is worried or scared too much, learn more about anxiety disorders in children and how to support your child here.



Everyone is afraid of something. Some fears are concrete and easily identifiable, like being afraid of spiders or of the dark. Other fears are more abstract, like fear of rejection, being scared someone in your family will get sick, or being worried about what’s happening in our country. Praying to God won’t stop the things we’re afraid of from happening but it can give us the courage we need to face our fears and persevere through them.

This playlist focuses on Daniel, however, if you want to share about Jesus, you can talk with your child about how when Jesus lived on earth, he experienced all the emotions – including fear (i.e. when Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane).

scary hand shadow

Bible Story

  • Read Daniel 6:1-23, 25-28 in your favorite Bible or Storybook Bible.
  • Wonder about the story together:
    • I wonder who was scared in this story.
    • I wonder what Daniel did when he was in the lion’s den.
    • I wonder if Jesus was ever scared.
    • I wonder what makes you scared.
    • I wonder what you do when you’re scared.


Dear God, there’s a lot to be scared of right now. (List some concerns your family has.) We know that you are always with us and that we can get through anything with your help. Help us to be brave and face our fears. Amen.


 1. Make a Plan – Make a list of things that scare you and the people in your family. Then brainstorm ideas of things to do next time you’re in that scary situation.

2.  My Fears Worksheet

3. Stomp out Fear – Draw or write down fear or worries. Crumple up the paper and then have fun stomping on your fears! You could also rip them up or destroy them in another way to symbolize overcoming that fear or letting go of that worry.

4. Make a Worry Jar – View the article about how to make and use a worry jar. You could make one jar per person in your family or have a family worry jar. During the scheduled “worry time” you can talk and pray about the worries in the jar.