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All About Communion

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What is Communion and Why is it Important?

Use this playlist to learn more about Communion. Still have questions? Ask your Pastor or Children’s Ministry Leader!

In this playlist you will discover:

  • What is Communion?
  • Activities to learn about Communion
Communion Table

What is Communion?

What is Communion text

The Last Supper


Mark 14:12-26 or the story of the Last Supper in your favorite Bible Storybook.


Dear God, thank you for the gift of Communion. When we taste the bread and juice, help us remember how much you love us! And that we can seek forgiveness from you and others for the times when we mess up. Help us to show love and forgiveness to the people around us too. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Wonder Together:

  • I wonder what it looked like in the room where Jesus and his friends celebrated the Passover.
  • I wonder what the room smelled like.
  • I wonder what the room sounded like.
  • I wonder what the disciples were thinking when Jesus used the bread and wine to talk about himself.
  • I wonder how Jesus felt during the meal.
  • I wonder what happens next.

We Gather at This Table

By: Anna V. Ostenso Moore, Illustrated by Peter Krueger

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Activities about Communion

Make: Bake bread (make it from scratch or use refrigerated or frozen dough)

Taste: Try different kinds of bread (Matzah crackers, pita bread, tortillas, cornbread, etc.)

What is Communion? Booklet

Build: Use blocks, Lego, or other supplies at home to recreate the Upper Room scene, Communion at your church, or make a bread and cup.

Coloring Page

World Communion Sunday

Learn about Grape Juice:

Did you know Welch’s Grape Juice started out as a non-alcoholic alternative to wine for Communion? Click here to learn more.

Learn how Grape Juice is made

YouTube video


Try It:

Try making your own grape juice!

Go Deeper:

Use this Deep Blue Kids Lesson to go deeper