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Creation Care Playlist

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Creation Care Playlist

Earth Day is April 22nd and a wonderful opportunity for us to give thanks to God for creation and take our responsibility as creation caretakers seriously. This playlist includes the Creation Bible Story and a Bingo Board that your family can use to explore and care for the earth.

field of wildflowers with the sun setting in the distance

Bible Story

Read the story of Creation in your favorite story Bible or Genesis 1:1-2:4 in your Bible. (I suggest the Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible edited by Elizabeth F. Caldwell and Carol A. Wehrheim)


  • I wonder what your favorite nature smell is.
  • I wonder where your favorite place to go to be in nature is.
  • I wonder if you could create a new animal what it would look like and what you would call it.
  • I wonder what one thing you could do to help care for nature this week.


Dear God, thank you for our beautiful world. Thank you for the plants, insects, animals, birds, sunsets, rain, and sunshine. Thank you for the big things and the teeny tiny things. Thank you for life and water and stars. Help us see the beauty of creation and to take good care of it. Amen.


When God Made the World by Matthew Paul Turner

Creation Care Bingo!

Use this Bingo sheet to learn, explore, and take action to care for creation.

creation care bingo with 9 images of different ideas for earth day

Bingo Activities


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