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David Dances Playlist

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Dancing for God

The Israelites had finally made it to Jerusalem. But the special chest of God (the one that had the Ten Commandments in it) was not there. King David, made a plan to have a big parade celebration so the people could see the chest enter Jerusalem. David led the way, dancing through the streets and praising God. The Israelites celebrated because they were so happy to have the special chest in the special tent.

Start by reading the Bible Story or watching the video and going through the wondering questions. Then pick the activities your family would like to do, as many or few as you like. Close your family faith time with prayer – use your own or the one provided.

King David with harp

Bible Story

  • Read the story about David dancing as God’s chest was brought into Jerusalem in your favorite Bible Story Book, in the Deep Blue Bible Storybook, or in 2 Samuel 6:1-19 . Wonder about the story together:
    • I wonder how the people might have felt when they saw the special chest come into the city.
    • I wonder how you might have celebrated.
    • I wonder if you have ever moved and there were special things that you celebrated when you brought into your new home.
    • I wonder what kinds of things do we give special attention to today.
  • Prayer:
    • Dear God, thank you for parades and celebrations that honor holy things. Help us to see how you love and care for your people each day like you loved and cared for the Israelites. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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Activity about Praising

Write down or say things that you are thankful for. Then have a dance party with your favorite praise music to celebrate and praise God!