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Do Not Be Afraid Playlist

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Fear, Anxiety, and Jesus

The world has felt like it turned upside down for many people across the United States and the world over the last few weeks. The playlist below focuses on acknowledging fear and trusting in God.

child hiding under pillows

Bible Story

  • Read Psalm 23 from a children’s Story Bible or a child-friendly version of the Bible or watch it here.
  • Wonder about the story together (you can wonder without having “right” answers)
    • I wonder what it feels like to be afraid.
    • I wonder what it feels like to feel safe.
    • I wonder what God’s house looks like!
    • I wonder how we know that God is with us, especially when we are feeling scared or afraid.
  • Reflection
    • Draw a picture, or use play-doh or Lego to create a picture of what you think Psalm 23 looks like.


  • Help Empower Kids to Fight Their Fears (Create adorable monsters with scripture verses on them to help when kids feel afraid)
  • Print and color Prayers for when you feel anxious from Illustratedministry.com (click on the “Get Resources” button)
  • Make a gratitude chain
    • My kids (ages 6 and 11) were joking that we should make a paper tree and “carve” a dash on it for every day that we get to social distance ourselves. Then we talked about creating a gratitude chain – we will write something we are grateful for or someone we are praying for on a piece of paper every day and create a paper chain to hang in our dining room. It’s a visual way to mark time and remember all the people and things we are grateful for and are praying for.


The books referenced here will, as much as possible, either be in a digital format or read on-line so you have access to them as many library services are closed.