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Holy Week Playlist

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Holy Week

Holy Week will look, feel, and be different this year. We won’t be able to have the traditional palm processional or other traditions of this week. We can lead our children in tender ways through the events of Holy Week. Several options have been provided for you depending on your time commitment. Whatever you do, that is enough. This week is about the stories of Jesus’ relationships with those he knew and with us today. We can focus on that, especially given the uncertainties of our days.

passion stones

Keep It Simple – Palm Sunday

Bible Story – Read the Palm Sunday story in your favorite Bible Storybook or Matthew 21:-1-11.

Print and color this palm frond (or create your own)

Wave your palms and say “Hosanna!” which means “to save or rescue” and is also used as a way to praise or express adoration.

Wonder Questions:

  • I wonder what the people waving palm branches might have seen, heard, or thought when Jesus rode by on the donkey.
  • I wonder what Jesus was thinking as he rode on the donkey into Jerusalem.
  • I wonder if you remember a time that was very exciting.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for Palm Sunday! For the celebration and the cheer. Help us find ways to share Hosanna! praise with those around us. We pray for the people we love and care about and may not get to see right now. We pray for (insert your requests here). Thank you for always loving us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Go Deeper

Use one of the resources below to go deeper through Holy Week:

Holy Week in a Box – use the suggested items or items you have around your home for a short faith conversation each day. Great for preschool and elementary age children.

Palm Sunday at Home – use this resource to celebrate Palm Sunday at home.

Adaptable Easter Egg Hunt for Families – use this resource for more interaction and deeper conversation. Can be used each day through Holy Week or as a longer time on Saturday or Sunday. Great for elementary age children.

Make a Palm Cross

If you don’t have a palm frond, you can use a long strip of paper!