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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Children's Playlist

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Free Film for Martin Luther King Jr. Day from Salt Project

How to Use this Playlist

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the third Monday in January and is an opportunity to learn about and honor the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights leader.

This playlist includes:

  • Information about Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Bible story and reflection questions
  • Videos
  • Activities/Books/Music
  • What Do You Dream?
  • Ways to Seek Justice
  • Additional Resources
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering his I Have a Dream Speech at the Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. 08/28/1963 ARC Identifier 542069 / Local Identifier 306-SSM-4D(107)16 http://www.mlkonline.net/images.html


Bible, Praise and Pray

Bible Story

Read the story about Nathanael from John 1:35-51 in your favorite Bible.

Wondering Questions

  • I wonder what Jesus knew about Nathanael that made him special.
  • I wonder what Nathanael meant when he said “Can anything from Nazareth be good?”
  • I wonder if he changed his mind once he got to know Jesus.
  • I wonder if you have ever changed your mind about someone after you got to know them.
  • I wonder what we can do to get to know someone before judging them.
  • You may want to ask more wondering questions to connect to the life and activism of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


God of justice, help us to be like the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and share your love with everyone we meet. Remind us to be friends with people who are different from us. Bless these children as they learn to follow Jesus. Amen.

(From the Human Relations Day Children’s Message from the UMC)

Books, Music, Activities

Martin’s Big Words by Doreen Rappaport

Questions and activities for further conversation can be found here starting on page 21.

Child of the Civil Rights Movement by Paula Young Shelton

Reflection Questions:

  • What was life like for white people?
  • What was life like for black people?
  • How did the author feel when her family was not allowed to eat at the restaurant?
  • Who participated in the march from Selma to Montgomery?
  • What questions do you have about the story? 
  • What do you want to know more about?

What do You Dream?

  • Martin Luther King Jr. shared about his dreams in a speech he made. He had dreams that people would be judged by their character and not by the color of their skin. 
  • Watch the video about dreams from Kid President
  • Talk with your family or a friend about these questions:
    • What is your dream for your community?
    • What is your dream for your country?
    • What is your dream for our world?
    • Have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dreams come true? What can you do to help make them happen?
    • What other dreams do you have?
    • What questions do you have?

Seek Justice…

  • Explore Six Meaningful Ways Kids Can Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy
  • Read and discuss books together about race and taking action against racism and read books with diverse main characters.
  • Take your children to a March or Vigil with you.
  • Teach empathy
  • Teach about social justice movements, as well as individual heroes.
  • Take kids on a trip to the grocery store. Look at the different prices of food. After you leave the store, talk about which foods were expensive and which were cheap. How might the price of food impact how a person eats. 
  • Ideas for parents

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