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Patience Playlist

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Even in the “old normal” patience was hard. Now we are living in the same space, with our families 24/7, and life is anything but “normal.” When the regular routine and schedules change, it can be challenging to be patient with one another. This playlist highlights Joseph from the book of Genesis in the Hebrew Testament and his story of patience. Patience is also one of the Fruit of the Spirit. Read more about that in Galatians!

stacking rocks


Read the story of Joseph in your favorite story Bible or Genesis 37-45 in your Bible. I suggest the Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible edited by Elizabeth F. Caldwell and Carol A. Wehrheim or the Deep Blue Story Bible on pages 46-58.


  • I wonder when Joseph had to show patience.
  • I wonder how many emotions Joseph and his family had during this story.
  • (Parents/Caregivers – this is a great opportunity to talk with kids about the many emotions that we might be experiencing right now. Fear of the unknown, sadness that we miss friends and family, grief, the hope for joy when we can see one another again, etc.)
  • I wonder how we show patience with one another. I wonder how sometimes we don’t.
  • I wonder what our family can do to show patience with ourselves and each other.


Dear God, thank you for our Bible and the stories that teach us and comfort us. We know that we are not always very patience with ourselves and one another. Help us show more patience. Thank you for the people who are caring for our needs and keeping us safe. We are thankful for and pray for (add an prayer requests and joys here). Amen.



Waiting Is Not Easy by Mo Willems

YouTube video


Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild! By Mem Fox

YouTube video



Elmo Learns about Patience

YouTube video


Watch Nature – taking a few moments to sit and watch nature can be a lesson in patience. The age of your child may determine how long you can be still. Notice the smells and sounds. Look at the buds or baby leaves on the trees and talk about waiting for the leaf to be fully open or the flower to bloom.

Play a Game that requires patience, any game that requires waiting for your next turn. Or the quiet game (also known as the quiet game – see who can sit still and quiet the longest).

Want to go deeper? Check out this blog post with additional videos, discussion starters, and ideas about patience.


YouTube video

Love the Lord


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Praise the Lord Every Day by Yancy