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Resources for Church Leaders

Need something else?

Need another resource?  Looking for advice? Please contact Kathy Pittenger.

Copyright Concerns

Many resources are copyright protected. Many publishers are also providing permissions to read their books. If you want to read a book, you may want to check with the publisher.

Beaming Books has given open rights to online storytelling. See full details here.

ZonderKidz has given permission to read Tommy Nelson or ZonderKidz books online. See full details here.

Scholastic has given permission to read online with guidelines. See full details here.

Whenever you are reading a book make sure to name the author, illustrator, publisher and make a note of where people can purchase the book.


Sparkhouse is offering temporary expanded licensing. Read more here.

Opportunities and Possibilities

These are unprecedented times (at least in our memory) of social distancing and a pandemic. It is also a time that is ripe with possibilities and opportunities to equip and empower parents with ways to deepen faith at home. This webpage will be updated with select resources to try and limit resource overload. If there are resources or ideas that you need, please contact Kathy Pittenger directly at kpittenger@michiganumc.org.

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Fill Your Cup

Caring for relationships, included our relationship with God, is always important, but especially so during COVID-19. The Spiritual Practices Playlists have been curated for you to keep your cup full. Spend time with God and others. Pick your preferred time frame and then choose a practice. 

Find another individual or small group for accountability or conversation. These spiritual practices are intended for adults. Lists for children and families will be available soon. Click on the tea light to get started.

Stay Connected

  • Use Zoom, Facebook, or other platforms to connect and check-in regularly with families. You can do “Sunday School”, read books (with proper permission – see below), share prayer requests and pray for one another, talk about how life is going. It is helpful for kids (and parents) to see that the people they know, care for, and love are doing ok.
  • Connect with other kids min leaders every Wednesday at 10:00am on Zoom.
  • Mail, email or post weekly resources that families can use at home
  • Play on-line games together
  • Have mail buddies (send mail to one another but keep your identity a secret)

Go-To Resources