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Resources for Parents

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All the Things

Parents… do you feel like you have to know and do “all the things” right now? Continue to work while your kids are at home, home school, cook, clean, and be guide your child’s faith. Phew! Take a breath. As a parent, I understand feeling all the things. In some ways, life is slower and there is less running around. In other ways, life is more complicated. These selected resources have been curated to help you through this journey. If you have questions or resources that you would like to share, please contact me.

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Spiritual Practices

Tips for Faith at Home

Set aside a time and/or space for faith practices. This could be when your church or another family community is doing an activity on-line. It could also be during dinner or before bed. 

There are SO many ways to grow and deepen your faith. Each week a playlist will be posted here with activities, devotionals, and ideas that you can do at home. Do one of them, do a few or do them all. Do what works for your family and feel free to make adjustments.

Additional ideas include:

Talking with Kids About COVID-19

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus (from the NYT Parenting)

How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus (PBS Kids)

Helping Children with Scary News (Sally Lloyd-Jones, author)