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Tabernacle Playlist

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The Israelites were wandering around the desert and did not have a special place to gather to worship God. So, God gave Moses instructions for how to build a tent where the people could worship. Everyone helped to provide materials and build it. The special tent was called a Tabernacle. The people could easily take it down and put it back up when they moved.

Start by reading the Bible Story or watching the video and going through the wondering questions. Then pick the activities your family would like to do, as many or few as you like. Close your family faith time with prayer – use your own or the one provided.


Bible Story

  • Read the story about the building of the Tabernacle in your favorite Bible Story Book (not all will include it), in the Deep Blue Bible Storybook, or in Exodus 25:1-31; 35:4-40:38. Wonder about the story together:
    • I wonder what you would have done to help build the Tabernacle.
    • I wonder what you might be able to give to help build the Tabernacle.
    • I wonder where you worship God.
  • Prayer:
    • Dear God, thank you for special places where we can worship you. Sometimes that is in a church, sometimes that is in our homes, and sometimes that is outside. Help us remember that we can worship you anywhere. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.