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10 Ways to Observe Lent at Home

Collaborators and Creators

Rev. Dr. Tanya Campen
Rio Texas Conference UMC

Rev. Melissa Collier Gepford
Great Plains Conference UMC

Rev. Kathy Pittenger
Michigan Conference UMC

Rev. Christy Miller White
Michigan Conference UMC

Lent at Home

Lent is a season in the Christian year for repentance, fasting, and preparing for Easter. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and continues for 40 days, not including Sundays, through Holy Saturday (the day before Easter). The practices and ideas on this page can be used throughout Lent. Additional ideas and books are at the bottom of the page.

Download the 10 Ways to Observe Lent one page pdf to print and share or post at home.


  • Reduce your screen time, and do something together as a family instead.
  • Take one commitment off your calendar, and spend that time resting and enjoying each other’s company.


  • Pray in Color with these free downloadables.
  • Say this Lenten prayer at meals, bedtime, or at the start of the day. “God, getting ready for the mystery of Easter is big work. Help me use this time to learn how to trust and love you, as I share your love with others. Amen.”


  • Listen to this Spotify Playlist while you are traveling.
  • Practice deep listening with family members by making eye contact, waiting for them to finish speaking before responding, and asking curious questions.


  • Bake some pretzels while you learn about their connection to Lent and prayer.
  • Make a Lenten candle wreath similar to this one, and light a candle at meal time.


  • Make a paper chain with 40 links (one for every day except Sunday) with a prayer or service action for the day.
  • Bless your family members each day, with this blessing: “God loves you. Christ is with you. The Holy Spirit helps you as we get ready for the mystery of Easter, together.”
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