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2022 Christmas Playlist

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Merry Christmas!!

This faith formation playlist goes along with the 2022 Christmas Day Worship Service from the Michigan Conference. The scripture, music, and questions will guide you deeper from the service. Designed for all ages, use the pieces that interest you or in your timeframe. You can use it on Christmas or anytime throughout the week to reflect on Christmas worship.

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Bible Story

  • Read John 1:1-14 in your favorite Bible. Learn more about the passage with the videos.

  • Wonder about the story or message together:
    • When was a time you were in darkness?
    • What happened when you turned on a light?
    • How do you welcome Jesus in your life?
    • I wonder what questions you have about this passage?
    • I wonder how you would draw a picture about this passage?


Dear God, thank you for the special day of Christmas when we can celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thank you for the gifts of love, joy, peace, and hope that Jesus brings. Help us to remember every day the gift that Jesus is to us and share his good news with others. Amen.


Choose one or more of the options. For additional ideas, visit the Christmas Playlist for Families.

  • Celebrate Jesus’ birthday! Bake a cake or your favorite birthday treat (or Christmas cookies!). Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!
  • If you received a worship bag from your church, explore the contents of your bag!

Learn more about the hymns that we sang or listened to during the Christmas Day worship service.