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Christmas Playlist for Families

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Christmas!! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Background information for grown-ups

Celebrating Christmas is one of the most exciting days of the year for many families! Use this playlist to include a faith formation element in your day. It could take a few minutes if you read the story, wondering questions, and prayer or take longer if you do several of the activities together. The most important part if taking time to worship God, remember the gift of Jesus and sharing God’s love with one another. If you want to go deeper into the Luke story of the birth of Jesus check out the Bible Project. Merry Christmas!

Bible Story

  • Before opening presents (or after, if you just can’t wait), read the story of Jesus’ birth in Luke 2:1-20 or from your favorite Bible storybook. Then sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

  • Wonder about the story together:
    • I wonder what it was like to travel a long way and not have a place to stay.
    • I wonder what the place where Mary and Joseph stayed was like.
    • I wonder what the shepherds thought when they saw the angels.
    • I wonder what Mary and Joseph thought when the shepherds came to see their new baby.
    • I wonder what you wonder about the story.


Dear God, thank you for the special day of Christmas when we can celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thank you for the gifts of love, joy, peace, and hope that Jesus brings. Help us to remember every day the gift that Jesus is to us and share him with others. Amen.


Choose one or more of the activities to do with your family to explore the birth of Jesus! Since you may be celebrating Christmas differently this year, be gentle with yourselves and your family.

  • Call or Zoom with a friend or family member
  • Watch a Christmas movie 
  • Pick an ornament on the tree and share about who/where it came from
  • Re-tell the story of Jesus’ birth with nativity figurines (either a set you already have or you can make your own)
  • Share a favorite Christmas memory or tradition.
  • Watch the Children’s Christmas Eve Service (coming soon) and make a picture that includes as many of the letters as you want!
  • Look at the Christmas cards you have received and say a prayer for the families/people who sent them. 
  • Learn more about Christmas traditions from around the world and more at Why Christmas.