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Easter Playlist

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Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

On Easter Sunday we celebrate that the tomb is empty and Jesus is risen! Whether you go to church in-person or on-line, whether you celebrate Easter with others or with your family, we still celebrate! Use these resources to celebrate Easter with your family!

photo of empty tomb

Keep It Simple – Easter

Bible Story – Read the Easter story in your favorite Bible Storybook or Matthew 28:-1-10.

Watch the video from Spark House.

This story changed the sad thing about the cross into a good thing. This story reminds us that God is always with us, no matter what. Even when we are feeling scared, sad, lonely, or anxious, we know that God is always with us.

The butterfly is often a symbol of Easter because the chrysalis looks like something dead, but beautiful new life emerges. Look at photographs of butterflies and all the different colors and patterns. Create your own butterfly to display in your home or on a window. Be creative – use paper and crayons/markers, play-doh, Lego, ripped up paper collage, melted crayon between wax paper, Perler beads, etc.

Wonder Questions:

  • I wonder what Mary thought when she discovered the stone was rolled back and Jesus was not in the tomb.
  • I wonder what the disciples thought when they heard Mary tell them about what she saw.
  • I wonder about a time when you expected something and were surprised. I wonder what you thought or felt.


Dear God, we are so grateful that the cross and tomb were not the end of Jesus’ story! The empty tomb gives us hope, shows us your love, and makes a sad thing into a good thing. When we find ourselves feeling sad, lonely, anxious, or unsure, help us remember that you love us always and are always with us! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Go Deeper

Use one of the resources below to go deeper into Easter:

Read This is The Mystery of Easter by Amelia Richardson Dress. The free download can be found here.

Adaptable Easter Egg Hunt for Families – use this resource for more interaction and deeper conversation. This journey through Holy Week can be used to tell the bigger story or deeper conversation for Easter Sunday. Great for elementary age children and youth.

Picture the Bible story/coloring book for Holy Week and Easter is another great resource for your family. Great for preschool, elementary, and youth.

Easter Videos

Video from Spark House

Easter Egg Hunt

Decorate an Easter Egg picture (either create your own or download one from here) and display it in your window where it can be seen from the sidewalk or road. Invite your neighbors to participate too! Go for a walk or bike ride on Easter and see how many Easter eggs you can find!

colorful easter  eggs