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Summer of Playful Kindness Collection


The Summer of Kindness: Sharing God’s Love playlists are a collaboration of conference staff from the Rio Texas, Great Plains, and Michigan Conferences of The United Methodist Church.

Rev. Tanya Campen, Rio Texas
Rev. Melissa Gepford, Great Plains
Rev. Christy Miller-White, Michigan
Rev. Kathy Pittenger, Michigan

Growing in God's Love A Story Bible

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Westminster John Knox Press, Elizabeth F. Caldwell and Carol A. Wehrheim, editors for permission to use stories from Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible for the videos. You can purchase your own copy from:
Westminster John Knox
or your favorite bookseller

Looking for a Children’s Bible?

Check with your church to see if they have a preferred Bible or one that they frequently use with children. 

Here are additional favorites:

Story Bibles:

Children’s Bibles:

Recommended books about Kindness… additional books are on each playlist

Summer is upon us! Though we enter into what the Church calls “Ordinary Time,” we are aware that we live in extraordinary times that require flexibility, playfulness, and kindness.

That’s what we hope this resource is for you – flexible curriculum that ignites a playful spirit as we practice kindness. We’ve included six sections that help us understand kindness better. Each section contains five parts: Hear, Wonder, Pray, Play, Act. You can hear the Bible story adapted from Growing in God’s Love (or read it yourself), wonder together about the story, offer a short prayer, play a fun game or activity, and then choose an act of kindness (or a few) from the Bingo Sheet! Who can get BINGO first?!

Grownups can use this in day-to-day activities with children and youth of all ages. Use all six sections in one week, a month, or all summer long – it’s up to you! Choose which parts bring you and your loved ones joy; if that’s just the Bible stories, that’s great! If it’s the Bingo Sheet, go for it! Hear us – whatever you do, during these extraordinary times, it is good and enough!

Summer of Kindness Welcoming playlist icon
Summer of Kindness Compassion playlist
Summer of kindness caring playlist
Summer of Kindness Thankful playlist
Summer of Kindness Loving
Summer of Kindness Hard


Download the Bingo Sheet pdf

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Additional books, music and videos are on each playlist