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Children’s Ministry Leader Cohorts

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Children’s Minister Leadership Cohorts

Creating space for trying new ideas and processing learning with other children’s ministry/faith formation leaders. These are the recordings and resources from previous cohorts. If you are interested in joining a current cohort, please contact Kathy Pittenger.

Cohort Information


The children’s ministry leadership cohorts will equip, encourage, support, and inspire leaders in children’s ministry/faith formation and leadership.

Facilitated by:

Rev. Kathy Pittenger, Children’s Initiatives Coordinator for the Michigan Conference

Foundations Cohort Videos and Notes

Seasoned Cohort Videos and Notes

February 2022

Guest: Laura Witkowski
Theme: Working on a Church Staff/Team

February 2022

Guest: Elizabeth Christie
Theme: Hybrid Ministry
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NY Time Article about Teen Mental Health and Schools

March 2022

Guest: Brittany Sky McRay
Theme: Curriculum

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2021-2022 Curriculum Guide (Michigan Conference)

March 2022

Guest: Rev. Dr. Tanya Campen
Theme: Holy Listening

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Tanya’s book, Holy Work with Children

April 2022

Guest: Sarah Flannery
Theme: Ministry with Volunteers

Sarah’s book, Children and Family Ministry Handbook

May 2022

Topic: Milestones


Children and Family Ministry Handbook by Sarah Flannery (chapter 7)

Faith Formation with a New Generation by John Roberto with Lisa Brown, Tanya Eustace Campen, Lynn Barger Elliott, and Lee Yates

Faithful Families by Traci Smith (section about ceremonies may be helpful)

For Everything A Season from Milestones Ministry

Milestones Ministry