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Faith and Hunger Playlist Series

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A sermon series that accompanies the playlists as well as Children’s Messages for worship is available here.

Special thanks to Rev. Michael Vollmer for his collaboration on this project.

Looking for a Children’s Bible?

Check with your church to see if they have a preferred Bible or one that they frequently use with children. Here are my favorites:

Story Bibles:

Children’s Bibles:

What are playlists and how do we use them?

On this page you will find playlists based around faith and hunger. Every playlist is based on a different Bible Story. Each playlists has a Bible Story, wondering questions, prayer, a spiritual practice, ideas to learn about hunger, and take action ideas.  They also include several books and music videos.

You can use them with your family to grow in your faith in God and with one another. 

Pick a time that works for your family. Once a week, every day, somewhere in between. Use one or two things or use them all. It’s up to you.

feeding the 5000 playlist