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Faith & Hunger: Moses and Manna

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Possible ways to use this playlist:

  • Share with families to use on their own – perhaps after church to reflect on worship
  • Use as a “Sunday School” or kids ministry time either in person or online
    • If using in-person – read the story together, use the wondering questions for discussion and to go deeper, bake the bread, read the book(s), and talk about how your group can take action against hunger, end with a blessing
    • If using online – read the story or invite kids to act out the story (can someone bring bread or fish or baskets or… props to help tell the story – or have a scavenger hunt for kids to find those object or objects that can be substitutes); talk about a question or two, choose one of the activities, or use one of your own, use the prayer or your own, and end with a blessing
  • Use the Bible story and questions as a devotional at a gathering with families and then invite families to go deeper with the prayer list on their own.
  • Invite small groups to use the playlist together (could be an intergenerational group, family groups, etc.)

Moses and Manna

In this reading from Exodus, we find God feeding the Israelites as they wander the wilderness. They receive bread, or manna, and meat, or quails, and can have enough to eat. God tells them to only gather what they need for each day and not try to store any away, a test of the people to see if they would follow God’s instruction and trust God to continue to provide for them. The question for us today is are we hoarding more than we need, what is enough? We must ask ourselves, “What can I share out of my abundance?” The key though to these questions is to approach them not as a guilt trip or shaming, but rather a way to recognize the blessings God gives us and how we can share those blessings with others. (Rev. Michael Vollmer)

Bible Story

  • Read the story of Moses and Manna from Exodus 16:1-35 in your Bible or favorite Bible Story Book.
  • Explore the map of the route of the Exodus out of Egypt. Find the Nile River. Find the Red Sea. Follow the red path that may have been the journey as the Israelites wandered through the desert.  
  • Wonder about the story together:
    • What surprises did you hear in the story?
    • I wonder how the Israelites felt when they were running out of food and didn’t know what they were going to eat?
    • What would it have been like to find manna on the ground every day?
    • I wonder what the manna tasted like?
    • I wonder how God was with Moses and the Israelites?
    • I wonder what you want to ask God about this story?
    • I wonder what God is calling you to do next?
  • Prayer:
    • Dear God, thank you for the stories in scripture about the ways that you can care for your people. Being hungry or being afraid of being hungry can be scary or hard. Help us to be mindful of food, hunger, and food insecurity and how we can care for others who are hungry. Amen.



Grow in Your Faith Together

Moses trusted God and the Israelites (when they listened) had enough to eat! There are people across the world, the United States, Michigan, even in your community. We read stories from the Bible to learn about God, Jesus, and our faith. The stories from the Bible can also inspire us to take action! To notice when there are people who are hurting, hungry, or sad and to be with people. Sometimes that means learning, taking action, or advocating. The activities in this playlist offer ways to deepen our faith through a spiritual practice, a way to learn about hunger, and a way to take action.

Spiritual Practice

Creative Expression

God gives us all gifts of creativity; and we can pray through our writing, our drawing or coloring, our music, our movements. Encourage kids who love to write to journal or to write their own prayers or psalms. Those who love to express themselves through visual art can learn to draw or sculpt their own interpretations of scripture stories or to express their feelings through their artwork. 

(from Ten Simple Spiritual Practice Ideas for Children & Youth from Discipleship Ministries)

Learn About Hunger

Watch Zoey’s story about hunger and learn more about child hunger.

Take Action

Serve at a Soup Kitchen AND/OR Decorate Sack Bags for Kids’ Food Baskets

Serve at a Soup Kitchen

  • If this is a safe or allowed activity for your family, serve at a soup kitchen or another organization in your community where you can take a hands-on approach to feeding the hungry. (Many soup kitchens have a minimum age requirement.)
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Decorate Sack Bags for Kids’ Food Baskets

  • Learn about how you can decorate bags here. Please make sure to follow the directions carefully.

Learn more about hunger and ways that you can take action here.



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