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Trauma Informed Resources

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The Michigan Conference recommends Rev. Christy White for consulting services related to Trauma Informed Ministry.

Trauma Informed Resources

Life hands us many challenges. When those challenges also bring prolonged and extreme stress it can cause our bodies and minds to act in very different ways. When those challenges occur to people under the age of eighteen it can even affect how their brains and bodies grow and develop.

Understanding the science of trauma is still new and being explored, but as we learn and grow, we want to help others prevent and heal from any trauma they have experienced. Far too often our words and actions, while well-intentioned, can cause harm – in the name of the church or God. Learning more about navigating trauma and developing resiliency helps our churches and homes become safe havens where people can hear and understand the love of God and grow in faith.

These pages do not represent the whole of what is available in the realm of trauma resources, but they will get you started on the journey.

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